Investment In Properties Made Simple By SmartOwner

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The incredible advances in technology over the last decade have profoundly impacted humanity in a myriad of ways. In fields as varied as Communication, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Health, Education, Travel and Science, software and hardware are revolutionizing how we live our lives. Financial services are no exception to this upheaval, and a number of pioneering companies are using technology to make finding a good investment as easy as opening your computer. SmartOwner, India’s largest property marketplace, is a great example of this dynamic, using an online model to give the discerning investor access to exclusive real estate investments. Financial Services The digitization of services has not only provided convenience but also has reduced manual work to a great extent. Much of…

How to Improve Your CIBIL Credit Score?

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Credit Report is a very informative data used to evaluate loan and credit card application, as it provides detailed record of one’s Credit history (Loans, Credit Card Dues, Repayment, etc) and helps lenders to determine the Credit worthiness of an applicant. Earlier, it was a parameter considered only when an Individual used to apply for a new credit card or loans. But now some Companies are asking for the Credit Report even while offering jobs. Therefore, it has become very important to have a Good Credit Score as the implications are high. CIBIL TransUnion Score helps you analyze your Credit worthiness.  CIBIL TransUnion Score is a Credit Score given to individuals based on their past financial records. Credit Score is…

Importance of Credit Report: How to Know Your Credit Score For Free?

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Credit Report has gained importance over the years with the Financial Institution being very particular about credit worthiness of the applicants for Loans or Credit cards. Credit Report provides the complete information on Individual’s credit history along with details of his/her past financial transactions. This report helps the Lenders to decide on the Credit Worthiness of the application made for loans and even credit cards. The quantum of Loan or the Credit Card limit is determined by the Credit Score of an Individual. Credit Information Bureau India Limited (CIBIL) What is Credit Score/Report issued by Credit Reporting Agencies? Credit Report is the detailed record of an Individual’s Credit History based on it the Credit Score is generated. Credit Bureaus or…

Credit Information Bureau India Limited (CIBIL)

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Credit Information Report (CIR) has become very important in the recent past largely due to defaults on payments made by the borrowers, leading to huge losses suffered by Banks and other Financial Institutions. It is being observed that Banking institution are under stress as Non Performing Assets (NPA’s) continue to rise. This has lead to lending institution being very stringent with their norms for granting loans. Credit Report helps to establish the Credit worthiness of an Individual. Credit Information Bureau India Limited (CIBIL) now known as TRANSUNION CIBIL Limited, maintains and provides record of the past financial transactions and credit history of an Individual or Firm which helps the Banks and Non Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) to decide on their…

Discover you True Worth with Aditya Birla Finance Home Loans

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A home is not just a roof over your head. It not only reflects your status in society but also your personality, taste and style. It's not surprising that younger individuals try to accumulate enough funds to purchase a home as soon as they start their careers. They realize that the more they hold off from buying a property, the more prices of property increase dramatically. Hence, it is wise to invest early in a home as it not only translates into owning your space but also acquiring an asset that will continue to appreciate in the future.   For most individuals, buying a house can be difficult at first as they have to find the resources to finance their…