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Everybody wants to be rich and earn money to fulfill their basic as well as luxury needs. However, earning money is not easy as it requires great deal of hard work, perseverance and patience to achieve. Earning legit money adopting ethical practices may seem tough initially but it is the only way one can succeed in the long run and lead a good life. Growth of digitization offers wonderful opportunity to the young and old alike to earn money online through various legit sources.

Conventional way of earning money is primarily through business or by being employed. However, with the advancement of technology new avenues have come up to earn money online. This may help the students as well as working individual to make few extra bucks to support their financial requirement. Furthermore, it is always better to have alternate source of earning as it will lend the required support in event of job loss or business downturn.

Online provides a perfect opportunity for the Individuals to earn money by using their skills, knowledge and expertise. Internet and Digitization offer ample opportunities for the Individuals who are willing to put in extra effort to earn money online. Do remember initially it may seem slow and tiring exercise but will gradually benefit, provided one is dedicated towards the work.

In this article I will discuss the possible ways one may earn money online by devoting some time, knowledge and effort. It also does not involve any substantial investment to get started. However, one may be required to slog initially and devout considerable amount of time and energy, if they really want to succeed.

Writing Reviews

Review writing is one of the ways to earn money online. Although, the money offered is not huge but it is decent as secondary income. Individuals may be required to write about any product, gadget used or review about movies, food outlets, brand or other relevant trending topic. College Students may explore review writing as an option to explore their affinity towards creating quality content.  Content Aggregators are in need of content for publication; they offer a fee for such reviews.

Review writing is used by Brands, Content Sites and Aggregators. Thus it is a good way to start initially.

Some of the sites which may be relevant for such paid reviews.


Sponsored Reviews

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has been a trend which is catching up with the big brands. They require influencers to promote their campaign on social media platforms and in return Influencers get paid for spreading the message on respective platforms.

Digital Marketing platform is being widely used by brands to reach out to potential customers and expand their reach. Social Media platforms are being used to promote products and services alike. With majority of population starting to web, it is a cost effective way to reach targeted customer and spread information about the products and services.

One needs to be consistent with considerable follower base in order to draw leading brands to the respective Influencer with the campaigns.

Popular Platforms includes.




Freelance Content Writing

Websites, News Aggregators, Brands all require content to create awareness and drive interest in their specified domain. These agencies require content creators to produce new contents. Thus content writers can make good money if they have flair for writing along with good subject knowledge. Web portals do provide platform for Content Creators and Advertisers to connect for specific assignments.

Thus it enables Content Creators to earn money online while Advertisers get quality content for their use.

Some popular networks include.




Freelance Web Designing and Support

As new startups and smaller companies are coming up, opportunities for web designers and tech support is increasing by the day. These companies require the support of web designers and technical experts to setup their online business in order to reach out to their targeted businesses.

Thus it provides ample opportunities for web developers, SEO Experts and Influencers to provide support to their business. It offers good earning opportunity especially from overseas clients.

Some popular networks include.




Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also one of the ways Individuals can make money online. E-Commerce sites provide commission to the affiliate partners for driving sales on their platform. Affiliate Partners receive a fraction of the sales they bring to the site. Individuals are required to sign-up as affiliate partners on the respective sites. They can generate links/banners for products or promotional offers which would include their affiliate id to help in tracking the sales and calculating the commission.

The promotional banners could be sent through emails to the targeted group or published on the personal sites or blog.



YouTube Content Creation

YouTube provides excellent platform for Quality Content Creators. Individuals may easily log-in to the YouTube portal and create a channel of their preferred niche. Regular upload of videos for the targeted categories and segment will help in generating views and subscribers to the channel. YouTube pays content creators for the advertisements displayed on the channel.

However, Youtube has been very strict off late in approving monetization option to the content creators. As many irrelevant and low quality content was being posted by Creators which was driving away Advertisers from the platform.

Working as Freelance Recruiters

Every organization requires manpower for running business. The big organizations hire a team of recruiters for the purpose while smaller ones often outsource it to the consultancies and freelancers.

Freelance Recruiters can provide human capital to the respective organization and receive a commission for the same. They would be required to maintain a database of candidates possessing different skill set. Freelance Recruiters are hired by agencies to pool resources and closing down openings available to them. The profit is shared between the agency and the freelancer.

Some popular networks include.




Blogging provides a perfect platform to earn money online along with gaining recognition for your efforts. Individuals may write regular posts on subjects in which they have expertise or are passionate about, attracting viewers interested to read about such topics. Blogs related to Technology, Fashion & Lifestyle, Finance, Business are some of the well known niches which may be explored. However, one is free to identify new avenues which may become successful depending on the interest and feedback of the readers.

There are few things one should consider before starting with a Blog, such as

1.) Identify the Niche (Subject, Category, Targeted Viewers, etc)

2.) Knowledge about the Subject (Domain Knowledge, Expertise)

3.) Ability to Create Quality Contents

4.) Passion for Writing

5.) Dedication towards Blogging and Continuity.

Starting up with Blog is not very difficult. One may use the free blogging platforms initially to keep the expenses at bare minimum. Once the blog starts getting good traffic, it may be shifted to self-hosted platform which would require a domain name and web hosting plan. Custom domain along with paid hosting plan would allow greater flexibility to blog, making it more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. This would help in reaching out to targeted readers and generate more traffic for the site.

Blogs may earn revenue through various channels. Some of the popular sources of revenue are Advertisements, Sponsored Posts, Reviews and Promotion.

These were some of the ways one may earn money online without having to invest any substantial capital. I will keep updating the post as and when I come across something new and interesting.

Free Blog hosting Sites



The networking platforms mentioned is just for reference, Individuals are requested to do their own research for better understanding of the respective platform.

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