Tweet For A 4G Sim: An Airtel Initiative

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In the recent past we have observed that most of Smartphone manufacturers have launched devices with 4G LTE support enabled and going forward this will be the standard industry norm. Smartphone segment has witnessed great technological advancements in the recent past with the Industry leaping two generations annually. The industry has many competitors who are vying to get a foothold in market and have their share of success.
However, the most crucial role in the success of Smartphone industry has been played by the telecom sector with the help of their wide range network, low tariff rates and extended connectivity. Had their value added services and technology advancements not been in place, I’m pretty sure life would have been dull for us. Telecom Sector is no more known for just providing voice calling and messaging services but they define the meaning of the term “Communication”. So with the advent of 4G enabled devices there is an immediate need for 4G connectivity as well. Thus realizing the need to cater to the demands of the end customers and to gain a competitive edge over its competitors Airtelbecame the first telecom company to roll out 4G services in India in 2012.  Presently, Airtel has the widest 4G network in the country covering more than 296 towns and cities across the country.
Now with the objective to serve the end customers better and enable them to enjoy the fastest connectivity on their respective devices Airtel has come up with an unique plan. Airtel has taken an initiative wherein all the customers using a 4G handsets will be delivered a new 4G enabled SIM to their home for free just by tweeting. Even the customers who have or are willing to switch over to Airtel will be eligible for free 4G Sim on their 4G enabled devices.

All the existing customers who have 4G handsets just have to tweet from their respective twitter account with hashtag (#GetAirtel4G). Once an individual has made the tweet, he or she will get a reply back from @AirtelIndia handle which will provide them with a link wherein they can complete the details for the delivery of free Sim.
In India, Airtelis one of the leading networks and this initiative will definitely boost its popularity as more and more users can experience 4G on their handsets. Furthermore, the idea of just having to tweet to get a brand new 4G Sim also pretty innovative as it removes the unnecessary hassles of visiting the Service Center. Airtel also promises that delivery of the Sim will be done at the earliest and in some cases within the same day.

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