Best Stock Trading Apps and Platforms in India

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Stock Trading Apps and Platforms in India

Technology has come a long way in the last decade or so to impact our daily lives in every which way possible. Technological upheaval has impacted the business and the economy in a big way. Take for example the Financial Services industry, the technology has completely changed the way business runs. A new term has emerged in the world of finance, “FinTech”, implying Technology aided Financial Services. End Consumers are the ones to benefit the most from such disruptive technological changes. Digital Models are fast replacing the Traditional Models in the world of Finance. Introduction of Artificial Intelligence has added immense value to the process of Digitization especially in the field of Financial Services. In this post, I will discuss about the Best Stock Trading Apps and Platforms in India.

Investment in Stocks, Securities and Commodities is not easy for Individuals who are not associated in the Capital market or have limited knowledge about Investing in such markets. However, the falling interest rates in Fixed Return Investment Products are driving Individuals towards the stock market. In the pursuit of the same, I decided to check out some of the Stock Trade Management applications available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The idea of the research was to find out an application which is simple to use yet productive in terms of providing right platform for Investment along with feature rich experience to make investment easy. After going through few noteworthy applications, I was able to shortlist the applications and platforms which one may consider for Stock Trading.

Benefits of Using A Mobile Application for Stock Trading:-

Benefits of Using Mobile App For Stock Trading

Comparison of the Stock Trading Apps and Platforms (Based on End User Application Satisfaction and Trading Experience)

Stock Trading Applications and Platforms

I have tried out the some of the Leading Stock Trading Applications to find out the features offered by them and rated them based on my experience while trying them out. I had set certain parameters on the basis of which I tested out the applications. Most of the applications which I tested offered more or less similar features and functions to its users. However, one of the platforms which particularly caught my attention was the StockNote application which is a flagship product of the Samco Securities, as it had very high rating on the Google Play Store. The best part of the application is that one may register on the application as a Guest via Facebook or Google Plus account and Phone number in order to explore the functionality of the application. Furthermore, I found the user interface of the application to be quite user friendly. Thereby, I was compelled to devout some more time to the app to understand it better.

*Please do note that StockNote application is Trading based application only, it does not have option to let Individuals invest in Mutual Funds. Hence, Individuals looking for Direct Investment in Mutual Fund, may try out some of the other apps that are available.

Following inputs is based on my experience with the StockNote Application;

StockNote Application

Best Stock Trading Apps and Platforms: My Pick

StockNote by Samco is a no frill application which is quite comprehensive in nature which attempts to make trading simple for the clients. The Application is not loaded with tons of unnecessary features and functionality. However, it comes with comprehensive design which addresses the essential needs and requirement of the Investor/Trader.

Brokerage Plans: As showcased in the comparison above, StockNote is very competitive in terms of the Brokerage. The Brokerage is levied at flat Rs 20/- for every executed order.

Simple Yet Interactive Application User Interface: StockNote User interface is one of the easiest to use among some of the other notable applications. This makes it easier for even the beginners to operate and place trades through the app.

Product Features and Functionality: StockNote Application is not only simple to use but is also a feature enriched product which offers regular feeds on market and stock trends, customization to offer specific stock related updates. Ease of placing and execution of trade through few taps on the smartphone.

Leverage Products: StockNote by Samco has put in efforts to ensure that its products are able to cater to the needs of all types of traders and investors. One may avail the product best suited for their needs. It provides up to 15x leverage for Intra Day trades, while up to 4X Equity Delivery Leverage.

Giga Trading Engine: Trending Feeds, Customized Notifications feature offered through the StockNote app is really beneficial for the Traders and the Investors alike. It offers recommendation based on the Analytic Research combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) so that the Individuals could make the best use of the opportunity.

Going Forward

My experience with StockNote by Samco application turned out to be a pleasant one. However, I would love to see them include Mutual Funds related services and Advisory in the future which would be very beneficial for the Clients/Investors.

Note: This article is for informational purpose only. We covered this post as we found the concept of using Mobile Application based  trading in Capital Market to be very interesting. Readers are advised to research further to have more clarity on the topic. It is very important to do your own analysis and consult your Financial Advisor before making any investment based decision.

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