Online Withdrawal of Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) and Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS)

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Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) and Employees Pension Fund (EPS) withdrawal is a real pain for most of the subscribers. But now online fund withdrawal is possible. Online withdrawal of EPF and EPS Fund helps Individual to settle claims without having to wait for the respective Employer to initiate the process. The online settlement of claim is made possible through EPF unified portal which was recently launched by EPFO. Even Claim Transfer while switching jobs is also possible through the Subscriber portal. This has made online withdrawal of EPF and EPS Fund easy and simple.

*The facility for online withdrawal has been launched and it is completely functional. The EPFO has also shortened the timeline for settlement of claims from 20 days to 10 days.

Subscribers through the new Unified Portal may apply for Provident Fund (PF) final settlement (Form 19), Withdrawal of Pension Benefit (Form 10-C), PF Partial Withdrawal (Form 31). Users have to activate their UAN and after logging into their respective account they may apply for withdrawal. However, some guidelines have been laid out for the online withdrawal. The new system not only saves time, but removes the painstaking task of interacting with the intermediaries such as Employer and Regional EPFO office.

Requirements for Submission of Claims Online:

Activation of UAN: Unique Account Number (UAN) needs to be activated on the Unified EPF portal.

Link Mobile Number: Subscribers are also required to link their valid mobile number with the UAN so that they may complete validation of the claim.

Seeding of Aadhaar ID: Once the Subscriber has logged into the portal, he/she requires to submit the Aadhaar ID as part of the KYC documentation which will be approved upon verification.

Bank Account Linking: Subscribers also need to link their Bank Account with the UAN for the settlement of claims. The Bank Account Number along with the IFSC Code should be provided for the transfer of fund into the subscribers account.

Permanent Account Number (PAN) Submission: PAN is also required to be submitted for the settlement of claims in the KYC Section of the Subscribers’ Interface on the portal.

Once the above mentioned document has been submitted and verified by EPFO, Subscribers may apply for the claim.

Process for Applying for Claim Online:

Step 1:

Login into the Unified EPF Portal with the UAN and Password.

Online EPF Withdrawal Process

Step 2:

Go to the Online Services Tab: Wherein you will find the option to apply for the claim using the appropriate Forms and can also Track the Status of the Claim.

EPF Online Withdrawal Process

Types of Withdrawal

Full Settlement (Form 19)

Partial Withdrawal (Form 31)

Pension Fund Withdrawal (Form 10 C)

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Surajit Das
Surajit Das

Sir my pension contribution amn is 11292.00 but received amnt 7622.00
I want to know is it system or some mistake from pf office. But pf full amnt received with intereste. So please help me

Siddharthan A
Siddharthan A

I have submitted my EPFO claim, and also the EPFO has settled the amount more than a month, but still i didn’t receive the amount to my bank account


Hi Team,

My sister asked employer to apply for PF withdrawal, but they applied for both PF and PPF and now when we asked them to cancel the PPF they are asking us to send mail to Guntur PF office.

Can you please cancel claim process for PPF, we want to take only PF.

Employers are not doing proper work for us, so can you please help me in this.

We want to keep our service of 6years like that so thought to keep ppf

UAN number :100183647203


My last working day at office was 08th May 2019. When can I apply for Full Settlement?


Hi sir, I have 2 pf accounts under same UAN. I want to withdraw my previous employers EPF & EPS. Tell me is there a way to withdraw it. Because, in epf website only my current employer is getting listed for withdrawal. Whether I can submit final settlement offline.
Also my previous employer’s pf office is located in bangalore. But I am located in chennai. Do I need to go to bangalore pf office incase to submit form offline if I can withdraw my whole amount. Thanks in advance