Online Financial Planning: Simple & Easy Step Towards Smart “Financial Planning”

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“Lack of Investment Strategy along with undefined financial objectives is hampering your Financial Planning?”

Well, most of the Individuals are often confused when it comes to investment decision. This is largely due to the fact that many of the investors lack the expertise when it comes to choosing the right investment strategy, leading to bad investment decision. Hence, it is important for an Investor to get an expert guidance which would help them choose the ideal investment strategy to accomplish their “Financial Goals”.

Online Financial Planning Services is one such platform which helps Individuals with their “Financial Planning”. The service may be easily accessed from the comforts of home or office, enabling Investors to take an informed decision in alignment with the future goals and objectives.

Online Financial Planning

“Fintech” (Technology aided Banking & Financial Services) has led to digital transformation in Financial Services. Emergence of Online Financial Planning platform is the result of such digital transformation. Online financial advisory services helps clients to manage their investment portfolio on single platform, providing goal based investment guidance based on future objectives such as Child’s Education, Retirement, etc.

During my research, I came across Geojit Financial Services, one of the leading Investment service company in India offering comprehensive Online Financial Planning services to its clients.

Geojit Financial Planner: Salient Features

Geojit Online Financial Planning platform enables its Clients to align his/her investments to future financial objectives/obligations. Thereby, helping individuals to design an ideal “financial plan” which would allow them to met the set goals and be financially self reliant.

Key facilities offered on the online platform by the Geojit Financial Services to its clients are:

Ease of Use: Geojit Financial Services offers effortless, hassle free, paperless “financial planning” module for the clients. The clients can easily start their financial planning online on a single platform. The platform guides investors with the investment decisions, future goals (retirement plan, child’s education, vacation, etc). Investors may start planning their investment based on the Risk Profile, Financial Goals and Retirement needs.

Comprehensive Financial Planning: Geojit Financial Services offers a comprehensive platform designed to address specific “Financial Objectives” of its clients. The platform offers complete control to the Investor with regard to performance tracking, goal setting, investment, providing goals based investment recommendations at one go.

Geojit Financial Planner platform allows Investors to plan their investment, helps in creating the perfect financial plan, managing & tracking the progress, ensuring a path towards accomplishment of set “Financial Goals”.

Goal Oriented Focused Investment: Investment decisions are based on the future goals set by the Individual. Thereby, lending purpose to the “financial planning” and focus is accomplishment of the set objectives.

Online Financial Planner: As a Tool

Online Financial Planner helps Individuals to identify his/her investment needs, set future goals, instills financial discipline. Enabling Individuals to understand the significance of “Financial Planning”, guiding them towards a secured future.

Disclaimer: The Information shared is just for information purpose. Same should not be misconstrued as recommendation. Readers are advised to do their own research and consult their Financial Advisers to have more clarity about the product before taking any decision.

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