One Stop Solution to Manage Your Investment: ARQ Investment Advisory Engine

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A recent study showed that major portion of the young population is pretty confused when it comes to Personal Finance and matters pertaining to Investment. Individuals need to be prudent when it comes to investment because it is their hard earned money which is being invested with the expectation of maximizing their wealth. The availability of numerous financial products often confuse the Investors even more. However, the advent of technology has simplified the art of investing. I strongly believe that technology has a huge role to play in the Financial World and it is steadily making it presence felt.

Technology has ensured seamless Financial transaction across globe but has also brought about great deal of transparency in the Financial dealings. With the aid of technology the art of investing has become very simple. Individuals can now plan and start investing simply with their smartphones. Robo advisory is latest tech advancement which has made this possible. Individuals can now take investment decisions based on scientifically processed data which is void of any human bias or error. The service provided by various broking companies aims to provide Investors with best Investment solutions to meet their Financial Goals.

What is ARQ?

Angel Broking which is one of the top brokerage companies in India has launched a new tool ARQ- which is a hyper intelligent automated wealth management engine. ARQ is an investment engine which will assist you with investment decisions based on scientific analysis and proven track records.

ARQ tool has outperformed the Benchmark Index in most of the segments over a period of time which augurs well for the investors. The major advantage of ARQ is that it is able to analyze the financials performance in real time and provide you with the most accurate results.

ARQ uses an unique scientific approach to provide you with the best recommendations in Equity, Commodities, Derivatives, Currency Trading and Mutual Funds. The tool is designed to meet the need of Individuals based on their Investment appetite and suggest ideal investment products to help them maximize their wealth.

Benefits of Using ARQ

ARQ equips its investors with numerous benefits which helps them build an investment portfolio which is concentrated on maximization of wealth along with stability. Some of the benefits of using the ARQ Engine is:

Ease of Use

ARQ tool is very simple to use which provides Individuals with best stock market recommendations based on the scientific research and future potential. The app may be easily downloaded on the smartphone. The detailed information about the various financial products along with best recommendations is available to the investor for investment.

Angel Broking is one of the top 10 stock brokers in India and offers one of the best robo advisory services to its clients.

Portfolio Management

Wealth Management is a tedious task. But ARQ tool simplifies the task with top recommendations in Equity Stocks, Mutual Funds, Derivatives, etc. Individuals may easily track the performance of their investment and take an educated decision based on the inputs shared by ARQ after detailed analysis.

Regular suggestions which is void of individual bias, based purely on market performance and future potential helps Investors to decide on the investment.

Best Advisory Service

Angel Broking through ARQ tool provides the best robo advisory service to the Investors.  The investment engine consistently and regularly provides accurate market outlook to the Investors so that they are able to plan their investment and are averse to risk.

Performance of the various products is closely monitored to provide the best solutions to the Customers.

In my opinion, with the advancement of technology the service of such robo advisory is expected to evolve further which would not only make “Wealth Management” simple but also a fun filled exercise.


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