Nokia(Microsoft) Lumia 730: My Views

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Nokia has been recently acquired by Microsoft which means now not only they will look at the OS and software support but also the hardware configuration of the devices launched henceforth. So we can expect better optimization and experience from these devices. In this article we would look at the Nokia Lumia 730 which has been recently launched and going by the specifications it looks very impressive.

It is being sold in India for around Rs 15,000/- ($ 245/- approx)

It is the successor to the successful Windows phone launched last year Lumia 720.
Microsoft is trying to grab some of the market share from the Android devices with this phone in the midrange segment. In my opinion people who are not very tech savvy or prefer smart phones which offer ease of use then you should look at the Windows OS.


Nokia is known for its build quality and they have not disappointed with the build on this device as well. It is entirely made up of plastic but it is of a very good quality and does look and feel premium. The device is pretty compact for its size and single hand use is possible with most of the users on this phone. The design of the phone is also very good and you will feel it gives a blend of Lumia 900 and 920.
Ergonomic design and matt finish makes the device more user friendly and attractive. The phone feels pretty light and the back cover does offer a good grip on the device and is user removable.


The phone sports a 720p display which works out to give you a pixel density 316 ppi. The color reproduction is good and screen is very bright and crisp. Although with the OLED display you make at times feel that images are a tad over saturated but overall the display on the device is very good. The display is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass on top.
The visibility in the sun light is also decent and viewing angles are also great on the phone.


The hardware out of the box is not something unheard about as it sports the 1.2 ghz Quad Core Processor (Cortex A7) and Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset. It is backed by 1 gb Ram and GPU used is Adreno 305 which promises to give you a good gaming experience.
The hardware configuration does promise a fluid experience with the device and in real usage too you won’t see any major lag on the device.
The internal storage is of 8gb out of which you will get around 3 gb free for use. The internal storage is low but you do have the external Micro SD card upto 128 gb and you will come in handy in case you are a heavy user and store a lot of data.


Lumia runs on the latest Windows 8.1 OS which is a pleasant improvement from the previous version and does allow smooth operation and is pretty responsive. It still uses the tile style like the previous version but does offer a bit of a customization but in my opinion Microsoft needs to do a bit more in order to make it more popular and enriched with features.
But it does offer ease of use for most of the people and even the apps available have improved overtime.

Battery Life

It comes with a 2220 mah battery which is very good for a Windows phone as they tend to consume less battery as compared to other devices. So you can easily expect to last for more than a day with a single charge even with heavy usage.


Gaming experience on this device is also very good as you can play most of the graphics intensive games without any issue and you hardly see the device lagging or skipping of frames.
Overall, gaming will be a good experience on the device.

Network & Reception

Network and call quality are some of the areas where Nokia has been very good and in this device also the Call Quality and Reception is very good and you won’t face any issues with it.


Billed as a Selfie Windows Phone the camera could be regarded as the USP of the phone. Nokia has been known to make good camera phones and this phone does not disappoint at all. The Carl Zeiss lens used on the phone does capture very good images and front camera is also very good for clicking quality images and video calling.

Overall Impression

In my opinion it is a very good Windows Phone and the price of the phone is pretty reasonable as well. It does offer good features for the price and performance as well the build of the phone is pretty good. In my opinion this phone will a very good buy.
The only downside could be the UI which does look pretty monotonous with Tiles like design which may turn off a few of you and apps development needs to improve a lot more in order to make the experience even more pleasant. For people who are not very tech savvy and want a phone with all the features and yet very simple to use then this phone is just for you.

Key Specifications are given below:-

1.2 Ghz Quad Core(Qualcomm Snapdragon 400)
8 GB (SD Card support upto 128 GB)
Operating System
Windows 8.1
Rear Camera
6.7 megapixel (With Led Flash)
Front Camera
5 mp
1 GB
2220 Mah
Adreno 305
4.7’inch (Corning Gorilla Glass3)
Type Sim
Dual Micro Sim/GSM 3G Support
1280*720 (316 ppi)
Touchscreen Type
134.7*68.5*8.7 /130
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