Dual, Quad And Octa Processor: Need Or Marketing Myth

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 Amritesh no responses

Smartphone is a segment were technology changes pretty fast and almost every month you will find new launches with some innovative features and improved hardware specifications. Not very long ago, Dual Core was exclusively for Flagship devices but currently we find them mostly in entry level phones. Even Quad Core Processors are seen on Budget and Midrange devices these days. Now we find Octa Core processors being used in some of the devices.

But with this the question which arises is do we really need such powerful processors in our daily usage.

In my opinion the Quad Core and Octa Core are definitely powerful processors but for smooth functioning of any device that’s not all. Any phone needs to be backed by sufficient RAM along with efficient software optimization.

We have seen some very good devices using Dual Core processors and yet giving incredible performance. Last year we saw Asus coming up with Intel Atom Dual Core processors on its Zenfone Series and each of their devices was pretty good performance wise. Moreover the Moto X also sported Dual Core Krait processors which performed better than the Quad Core Processor on Moto G.
The issue which makes a phone lag and slows it down is the heavy User Interface and poor Software optimization. Apart from these you also require sufficient amount of free Ram for smooth functioning of the phone. But, if you are a gamer then you should be bothered about the GPU more because more than the processor GPU and RAM is required to run smoothly without dropping of frames.

Just like in case of Desktop Computers we have seen that even with the advent of Quad and Octa Core Processors the Dual Core Processors are still widely used. In our day to day usage the dual core processors are able to perform pretty well. Similarly, if you are using your for normal use like calling, whatsapp, browsing, watching videos, listening to music then Dual Core processor with sufficient amount of Ram will suffice.
In real life usage if you are not using your phone for heavy multitasking then you probably won’t feel any difference between a Quad Core and Octa Core and even Dual Core.

Mediatek produces low cost processors which are slower as compared to Arm Cortex Processors or Krait Processors but then they are less power consuming hence provide better battery life. Intel Dual Core processors are pretty fast but they are more taxing on the batteries.

Thus I conclude that although Octa Core processors are slightly better for heavy users but they do require adequate amount of free Ram to perform smoothly. So if you are not into heavy gaming or multitasking then you probably don’t need an octa core phone. 
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