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      Xiaomi Mi4: The Much Hyped Flagship Device

      Sunday, February 8th, 2015 Amritesh no responses

      Xiaomi has finally decided to launch their new Flagship device in India, i.e Mi4. The device will be up for Flashsale on 10thFeb,2015 and registration is already open exclusively on Flipkart Portal. Xiaomi Mi4 has been priced at Rs 19,999/- ($ 330 approx) for the 16Gb variant which looks reasonable for the specs on offer.
      The device was launched in China few months back and does seem to be a great value for money device as the performance thus far has been great and minor bugs with MiUi 6 has also been fixed. Performance and Hardware specs along with price do not provide much scope to complain. Many in India are displeased about the price being a tad too high as One Plus One 64Gb is available for Rs 22,999/- . But when you look at the International price point then One Plus One 16Gb is selling for around $299 which translates to Rs 18538/-. So indeed you are paying a little more for the Mi4 but still it seems to be a lucrative deal.

      Lets look at the reasons which make Mi4 an attractive buy:-

      Incredible Hardware Specs: Hardware on this device can compete with that on any of the flagship devices from other reputed brands. Even if some of them may have some extra features but they too have some issues apart from the fact that the cost a lot more. The build looks solid with metallic edges and premium plastic backcover. The screen quality, display, camera everything is just about perfect. The Snapdragon 801 is one of the best performing chipset as of now. The front camera too seems to perform pretty well. The design even makes single hand use possible on this device. IVR Blaster allows you to use it as a remote control for your TV’s and AC’s. The Snapdragon 801 chipset does not have any major heating issues which mean heavy users and gamers too will have a trouble free experience. The specs on this device make it kind of future proof (i.e atleast for next 18 months).  

      Amazing Battery Life: This devices like its predecessor promises great battery life on the device. It will last you through the day even with heavy use. In my opinion good battery life is very important and this phone is able to provide sufficient battery life for most users.

      Xiaomi Support: XIAOMI has thus far extended tech support to most of their devices and do roll out updates to counter any bug they find out or is reported. Most of the Tier One brands do not roll out latest OS updates for most of their devices but Xiaomi so far has been good at doing so. However their software roll out has been pretty slow and they should try to improve on it.

      After Sales Service: After Sales Service of Xiaomi has been satisfactory although we do get to hear of poor customer support at some of the Service Centers. Thus I feel there is scope for improvement, but still their after sales service is better than some of the other brands providing devices at competitive price.

      Reasons to give Mi4 a miss:-

      Iphone Lookalike: Mi4 looks highly inspired by the Apple Iphones. If you look at it from a distant you would easily mistake it for Iphone 5. No matter how much do Xiaomi deny but you can’t help feeling that even their User Interface is inspired by Iphone.

      No NFC Support: It is very surprising to find that Xiaomi decided to skip on NFC claiming that it is hardly used by MI users. But most of the mid range devices these days come with NFC support so it was pretty silly in my opinion to skip it.

      NO 4GLTE Support: This phone does not have the 4G LTE support in India which is disappointing considering Xiaomi’s budget RedmiNote4G comes with 4G support.

      Should Mi3 Users switch to Mi4?

      In my honest opinion I don’t think present Mi3 users will benefit much by switching to Mi4. As Mi3 is still a pretty powerful device and will continue to handle anything thrown at it for some more time. Mi3 has also got the MiUi6 update and is also slated to get the Lollipop update. So I don’t think they will lose out anything significant.
      The changes are in the Camera, Chipset, RAM and Compact build. But they too are not very significant and are only a bit of improvisation. So in my opinion it won’t make much sense to switch to Mi4.

      One Plus One or Mi4?

      One Plus One is no doubt a fabulous device at a incredible price and perhaps the only phone which could challenge the Mi4 and be even better. But One Plus has got some issues of late. One Plus does will not use the CyanogenMod UI in the future and are working on their own UI. Also they are not known to roll out updates to counter bugs or issues with their devices. Further they have very few after sales support centers and it still remains to be seen how they handle end customer support. But One Plus One does come with 4G LTE support which is sadly missing on Mi4.
      So at this point of time Xiaomi Mi4 seems to be a better deal as compared to One Plus One although it is slightly expensive in my opinion unless 4G LTE is a must for you. Also getting One Plus One invite too seems a pretty tough task as compared to trying your luck in a Flashsale.

      Competition from Top Brands

      In my opinion the only top tier brand which can compete with the likes of One Plus One and Xiaomi is Motorola. They do have a good marketing strategy and are still able to hold on to their market share.

      Key Specifications are given below:-

      2.5 Ghz Quad Core Krait 400(Qualcomm Snapdragon 801)
      16GB (No Micro SD Card)
      Operating System
      Android Kitkat 4.4.4 (Upgrade to L assured)
      Rear Camera
      13 megapixel (With Dual Led Flash)/4K Video Recording
      Front Camera
      8 mp/1080p Video Recording
      3 GB
      Adreno 330
      3080 Mah
      5 inch (Corning Concore Glass)
      Type Sim
      Micro Sim/GSM 3G Support
      Touchscreen Type
      68.5*139.2*8.9 mm/149
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