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      What do You Really Need in a Smartphone????

      Saturday, December 13th, 2014 Amritesh no responses

      Friends, we have observed that Smartphones market has rose manifold in the recent past and shows no sign of slowing in the coming few years. Every year Smartphone industry is kind of jumping two generations. Many companies have entered the fray and with Chinese brands entering the market it has become really competitive. Thus we find the Quad Core Processors once seen on flagship devices are now an integral feature among Mid range phones. In present times we find Octa Core processors, Snapdragon 805 chipset, 3gb Ram being the driving force on all the flagship devices. But very soon we will find that these features will be available in Mid range devices.

      With all these advancement a question which arises is “Do we really require these powerful devices in our day to day use??
      Moreover when we go to buy a phone, “Do we ask ourselves what we require or just get carried away by the trends”?
      Well when you buy a phone if have to ask yourself, “What do I want from the Phone?”
      Then, look at the specifications and features and decide for yourself.

      Smartphone for Basic Purpose:

      If you are looking for a smartphone which would perform most of the basic stuff like Whatsapp, Email, Web browsing and so on then even a dual core phone will suit your need.
      For most of the users a Dual Core phone with 1 gb of Ram, 305 Adreno GPU,8 megapixel rear and 2 megapixel front cam is sufficient in my opinion.
      But in case you are an hardcore gamer than even an Octacore processor with 3 gb Ram may seem not enough as it requires a powerful GPU to facilitate smooth running of graphically intensive games.

      Factors which may make a Smartphone sluggish is:-
      Poor RAM management.
      Poor configuration of Hardware and OS.
      Heavy Custom UI also contributes in making a phone sluggish.
      In practical use if the User Interface is light and device is equipped to manage the RAM usage well then you will hardly face any lag on your device. For gaming performance of GPU is more important than anything else. Hence while purchasing a phone these are the few things which one should keep in mind.

      Asus Zenfone, Moto E are few of the phones who run on Dual Core Processors and yet perform pretty well. In camera department too we have to realize that quality pictures are not only dependent on megapixels alone but also on the lenses used on the device.

      In 2014 we have seen the gap between High end, Mid range and Budget phones really narrowing down which is bound to trim down further and focus may shift to features that are being offered rather than the hardware specifications.
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