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      Samsung Galaxy S4: Looks Impressive With New Price

      Thursday, February 26th, 2015 Amritesh no responses

      Samsung recently slashed the price for their 2013 flagship device. It is now available on e-retail stores at Rs 17,999/- ($ 290) approx. The phone does look as an interesting buy at this price. But as far as Samsung’s marketing strategy is concerned it seems pretty weird in my opinion. On one hand they are slashing down the prices of some their premium predecessor devices while launching new devices powered by low specs but with premium price tag. If one decks up the newly launched Samsung phones against Galaxy S4 you can’t help feeling that this older generation phone will come out as a winner.
      It can also be that Samsung is trying to expand its market reach by lowering the price of ageing device and launching new devices at the same time. But when I look at the pricing, I find it really difficult to understand their strategy.
      As far as Galaxy S4 goes, I feel for the price it is a decent phone and comes with the latest Android update so most of the users will like to have a look at this device. Moreover, few issues which existed with the phone have been sorted out to a certain extent with software update.

      Let’s look at the reasons to buy this phone:-

      Good Value for Money: The price at which it is available right now makes it a value for money device. The phone is backed by impressive hardware specs and performance wise also the phone is decent. The hardware on phone will give you a lag free experience (mostly) and you can play most of the games on this device. The screen and camera quality on the phone is also very good.

      Latest Android OS (Lollipop): Galaxy S4 has got the Android Lollipop update unlike the A series phones. Thus among the reputed brands apart from Motorola, Samsung perhaps is the only brand with Lollipop update on a mid range device. The Lollipop OS also gives you another reason to grab this device at the present price.

      Good Camera Quality: The camera we get on this phone is pretty good. It does capture real good images with good amount of details. The video recording on this phone is also decent. The front camera can be used for video calling and capturing selfies.

      Reasons to avoid this phone:-

      Typical Samsung Design and Build: The device sports the typical Samsung build and design which makes it look pretty primitive in my opinion. The phone is made up of plastic and won’t give you that premium feel as some of the other phones.

      Performance Issues: The phone does perform very well in day to day usage. But the major con with this device is that under heavy use it heats up quite a lot. The overheating may also make the system unstable which is not acceptable.

      Average Battery and Minor Lag: Phone does give you fluid performance for most of the time but you will observe minor lag once in a while which may be attributed to the TouchWiz UI. The battery life on this phone is average and I expected a bit more from it.

      Final Impression
      The phone does look as a decent buy for the price but then it is not a flawless phone. It has got some issues but if you are a moderate or slightly heavy user you won’t face much issue with the device. The hardware spec on the device is decent and performs reasonably well. The latest Android update also makes the device an attractive buy.
      If you are looking for a device from a reputed brand with decent performance, top notch specs and latest Android OS then you can have a serious look at the Samsung Galaxy S4. With Moto X (1st Gen) being out of sale as of now, I don’t think this device has got much competition from any other top notch brands. But in my opinion if you can wait for a month or two you may find some interesting devices coming up at World Mobile Congress 2015 to be held next month.
      Key Specifications are given below:-

      1.6 Ghz Quad Core Cortex A15 & 1.2 Ghz Quad Core Cortex A7 (Exynos 5 Octa 5410 Chipset)
      16GB (Micro SD Card upto 64GB)
      Operating System
      Android Lollipop 5.0
      Rear Camera
      13mp (With Led Flash)/1080p Video Recording
      Front Camera
      5 mp/1080p Video Recording
      2 GB
      Power VR SGX544MP3
      2600 Mah
      5’ inch (Corning Glass 3)
      Type Sim
      Micro Sim/GSM 3G Support
      Touchscreen Type
      69.8*136.6*7.9 mm/130
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