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      Samsung Galaxy A3 (Metallic Body): My Views

      Saturday, February 21st, 2015 Amritesh 5 responses

      Samsung launched their Galaxy A Series Smartphones few weeks back which in my opinion boasts of mediocre specifications but comes with premium price tag. These phones have metallic unibody design which is a welcome change from the stables of Samsung. The Galaxy A3 phone has been launched with a price tag of around Rs 20,000/- ($ 320) approx.
      The phone does look as a major improvement over the previous generation of Samsung phones in terms of build and design but apart from the metal unibody design, the hardware specs are pretty modest for the price. The device is pretty thin at 6.9mm and weighs just 110 gms.
      It does sport the latest Snapdragon 410 chipset and GPU is also the latest Adreno 306 but still in my opinion Samsung could have done better with this device. The specs on this phone is similar to the one we find on Lenovo A6000, infact you will find A6000 offers more features than this device.
      However, if you are looking for a Device from a reputed brand with latest Snapdragon Chipset along with metallic body then Galaxy A3 may be just for you.

      Let’s look for the reasons to buy this device:-

      Metallic Unibody Design:- The metallic body does look very good on the phone and will give a premium feel. The phone is very light and compact which makes it very convenient for single hand use.

      Latest Snapdragon Chipset:- It uses the latest Snapdragon 410 64 bit chipset which will offer great Android Lollipop experience if it at all it gets the update. The chipset however will offer pleasant user experience along with the Adreno 306 GPU. This chipset does not have any major heating issues and in day to day usage does perform very well.

      Decent Camera Experience: Samsung tends to provide very good camera on their devices and this phone too has got a decent camera. Most of the users will be happy with performance of front and rear camera. Even though the rear camera is just 8 mega pixel but the images captured are much better when compared with other budget and mid range phones. The front camera also takes very good images. You can record 4K videos as well on this phone.
      Reasons to give this phone a miss:-

      Premium Price: The phone comes with mid range specs at the very best but has been priced around Rs 20,000/- ($ 320) which seems very high for this device. Although the phone has metallic body but apart from that nothing is too impressive about the phone. It has got just 1GB of Ram which may just not be enough to run high end games and you will find occasional lag on this phone.

      Android Lollipop Update Not Confirmed: Samsung is yet to confirm Android Lollipop update for this device and even if they do provide it I’m not sure how long will they take to roll it out.

      * Samsung have confirmed Android Lollipop 5.0 on this device. But I don’t think they will roll updates beyond it. 

      Unimpressive Hardware Specs: The specs are unimpressive even for a mid range Android phone as most of the phones with lower price tag come with 2GB of Ram and better display resolution. Samsung has also skipped on some of the sensors and you don’t even have the LED notification light on this device.

      Overall Verdict

      In my opinion (like I have said before) if you are looking for a compact phone from a reputed brand under Rs 20,000/- then Galaxy A3 may just be the phone for you. The specifications are mediocre at the very best but for moderate users it will be a decent device.
      The primary reasons to buy this phone is the metallic unibody design, the latest 64 bit Chipset and good camera. In my opinion you won’t find many top tier brands competing with this device at the moment. But in future you will find phones from the likes of Motorola, LG and even HTC which might offer more features at far more competitive price. However, you still have got alternatives from fast emerging brands like Xiaomi, Lenovo which are reasonably priced and can perform equally well.
      Key Specifications are given below:-

      1.2 Ghz Quad Core Cortex A53 (Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 Chipset)
      16GB (Micro SD Card upto 64GB)
      Operating System
      Android Kitkat 4.4.4
      Rear Camera
      8mp (With Led Flash)/1080p Video Recording
      Front Camera
      5 mp/1080p Video Recording
      1 GB
      Adreno 306
      1900 Mah
      4.5 inch (Corning Glass 4)
      Type Sim
      Nano Dual Sim/GSM 3G Support
      Touchscreen Type
      65.5*130.1*6.9 mm/110
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      5 Comments on "Samsung Galaxy A3 (Metallic Body): My Views"

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      Kartik Anirudh

      I agree with you. Except the premium build quality nothing else justifies the price. Price too much for the metal body.

      Nitin Nalawade

      It's too late for Samsung.. No one will buy only for design.. Price should be around 10000.

      Simran Shah

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      Samsung Galaxy A3

      These phones have metallic unibody design which is a welcome change from the stables of Samsung. The Galaxy A3 phone has been … sgalaxya3.blogspot.de


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