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      Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) Online Grievance Management System: EPFiGMS

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      Subscribers to Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) have the option to lodge complaint pertaining to their PF account through the Online Grievance Management portal for prompt action. Subscriber may easily register their complain online and monitor the status on the portal. The process to register the grievance is very simple and easy. However, for registration of any grievance, Subscriber is required to provide their respective valid Unique Account Number (UAN). The portal provides direct platform to the Subscribers to raise their concern in front of competent authority and get their concerns resolved.

      Employees Provident Fund internet Grievance Management System (EPFiGMS) is the online portal for the Subscribers to register their grievances. It is a common platform for all, Employees, Employer and Pensioners to have their grievance registered.

      The Link to the Site is provided below:


      Individuals are required to visit the link and register their complaints by providing the relevant details about their account along with the issue which they want to be addressed.

      Grievance Category

      The portal allows registration of any complaint relating to EPF, but for convenience following categories has been provided to the complainants.

      #Final Settlement/Withdrawal of PF

      #Transfer of PF Accumulations (Form-13)

      #Scheme Certificate (Form 10C)

      #Settlement of Pension (Form 10-D)

      #Issue of PF Slip/PF Balance

      #Payment of Insurance Benefit (Related to ELDI)

      #Other (For any Grievance other than the ones mentioned above)

      Steps to Raise the Grievance

      EPF Grievance Portal

      To register the complaint,

      #Visit the link provided earlier and click on the “Register Grievance” option.

      #The Grievance Registration Form needs to be filled up with all relevant details.

      #Under “EPF Details” please select the status as applicable, Member, Pensioner, Employer and Others in case EPF number is not available.

      #One may also enable the password option under “Personal Details” in the form, as it would help to maintain confidentiality on the status of grievance. However, it is optional, if not deemed necessary one may select “No” and proceed with filling up and submission of the form.

      #Under “Grievance Details”, appropriate Grievance Category needs to be selected and the description of the issue needs to be given in the space provided for the same. In case any supporting document is available, one may attach the same as well.

      #Once all the details have been filled up, the form needs to be submitted. Following which a Registration Number will be generated for your future reference along with concerned EPF office, Officer’s Name and Contact details.

      #An email containing the same details will also be sent to the registered email id.

      Employees Provident Fund Grievance Portal

      Follow Up on Grievance

      Complainant will be able to track the status on the portal.

      Registration Number will be required to view the Action Status from “View Status” option. In case the feedback is not updated within 30 days, option to send reminder is also available to the Complainant.

      As and when the feedback is uploaded, the same will be updated on the portal and an email will be sent to the registered email id, notifying the same.

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