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      Planning Investments: Be Wise Invest Wise

      Sunday, March 2nd, 2014 Amritesh no responses

      “INVESTMENT”: What does it mean?In simple term it means any action or process of putting your present money or earnings in to any instrument or financial product which would provide good return on fund put in, it can also mean accumulation of assets which have the potential to appreciate in the future thereby enhancing the wealth of the concerned individual. Some though might invest to safe guard against any future shortcomings and also to cover their medical expenses in case of illness.We have wide range of financial as well as non financial products to invest into. You have the luxury of investing into Mutual Funds, Bullion Goods, Real Estate, Life Insurance Policies, Health Insurance, Retirement Plans and many others which…

      India And Global Economy

      Thursday, February 20th, 2014 Amritesh no responses

      Over the last 5 yearsOver the years we have witnessed a slowdown in the Indian Economy characterized by low GDP, charges of corruption and lack of reforms. The global economy too has not fared well either. The scars of 2008 recession can still be seen in the market coupled with lack of reform measures. Moreover the post 2008 era was marked with controversies and allegations against the Government. We have also witnessed the Rupee hitting the all time low of 68.82/dollar last August. The US Federal Reserve tapering bond buying program has also hit the emerging markets very hard. Major reform bills could not be tabled in the Assembly for much of the time. Inflation and Lack of employment generation…

      Savings, Investments And Insurance

      Sunday, February 2nd, 2014 Amritesh no responses

      Savings, Investments and Insurance are the terms we often come across and many of us treat is as same. But in reality this is not true. Many of us may feel that the term may look identical but when you look at it carefully you will realize there lies a point of difference. However though, they might mean different in the practical world but their interrelation cannot be ignored. Savings, Investments and Insurance are not only interrelated but they are also interdependent on each other. Savings generally means to save a portion of your earnings to meet your future shortcomings or obligations that may arise. It is generally for meeting short term needs and for specific purpose. Savings do not…