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      Battery Calibration and Optimization

      Friday, January 23rd, 2015 Amritesh no responses

      One of the biggest concerns for Smartphone users these days is the battery life they get on their device. Most of the Smartphones struggle to last through the day on a single charge. Even the most battery efficient phone struggles to provide more than 4 hours of Screen time with 2G network enabled. It is a well known fact that Android, IOS and Windows devices tend to drain the battery pretty fast. This is due the various applications and games installed on the device apart from the fact that 2G/3G or WiFi network remains active on the phone for most of the time.However, if you apply few tricks then you may just improve the battery life of your device.Battery CalibrationBattery…

      Dual, Quad And Octa Processor: Need Or Marketing Myth

      Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 Amritesh no responses

      Smartphone is a segment were technology changes pretty fast and almost every month you will find new launches with some innovative features and improved hardware specifications. Not very long ago, Dual Core was exclusively for Flagship devices but currently we find them mostly in entry level phones. Even Quad Core Processors are seen on Budget and Midrange devices these days. Now we find Octa Core processors being used in some of the devices.But with this the question which arises is do we really need such powerful processors in our daily usage.In my opinion the Quad Core and Octa Core are definitely powerful processors but for smooth functioning of any device that’s not all. Any phone needs to be backed by…