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      Best Value For Money Smartphones Of 2014

      Sunday, December 21st, 2014 Amritesh no responses

      In this post I will discuss about the Smartphones which were real value for money in the year 2014 in my opinion. I have posted my views on quite a number of devices on my blog and you can find them on Smartphones page on my blog. Here I will provide links to the 5 phones which were the best in terms of price and performance in my opinion.
      This year many new Smartphone manufacturers entered the market and it was a very competitive year for most of the brands to say the least. The established brands also launched a number of phones but apart from Motorola rest of Tier 1 brands had a pretty tough year. Now let’s look at my picks.

      Smartphones above Rs 20,000/-

      In this segment we saw many flagship devices entering the market at a premium price but hardly a few left a long lasting impression. In my opinion the two best phones in this price were:-

      Moto X 2014

      Motorola did a great job with this device in terms of price as well as specifications. But the factor which made it stand out was the enhanced voice control features provided on the phone. You can read my views about the device in the link given below:-


      One Plus One was one of the most awaited phone to be launched in India. The incredible specification and fabulous price made it an incredible buy. The massive 64 gb storage device priced below Rs 22k was pretty impressive. Although One Plus needs to work on after sales service providers in India but still the phone did manage to arouse huge interest for itself. The CyanogenMod UI was also the talking point of the phone. Please follow the link provided below to read more:-

      Smartphones below Rs 15,000/-

      Moto G 2014

      After enjoying immense success with Moto G last year Motorola decided to launch a new upgraded version of Moto G this year. The phone was again priced aggressively and Motorola did put up a better Camera and larger screen on this phone along with stereo speakers. Although the upgrades were not very huge but still the phone was one of the hot picks and in terms of performance too it did not disappoint. Read my review in the link given below:-

      Xiaomi Mi3

      Xiaomi made a huge entry into the Indian market with their previous Flagship device the Mi3. The phone sold like hot cakes and Xiaomi was able to set a firm foot in the India smartphone market. The phone boasted of incredible specifications for its price and performance was also remarkable. Few did report of some build quality issues but that did not stop the phone from being hugely popular and become the most sought after device.Read my review in the link given below:-

      Smartphone below Rs 10,000/-

      Micromax Canvas A1

      In this segment many phones got launched but each did seem to miss out on something or the other. But one device which stood out for me was the Micromax Canvas A1. The phone was built in collaboration with Google in order to provide latest Android OS experience on budget end devices. This phone turns out be stellar given the price at which it is available and the performance one gets out of it. The phone is assured to get the latest Android update and is very fluid to use unlike many of the devices in this price range. Please read my full review in the link given below:-

      Surprise Performer

      Nokia Lumia 730

      Microsoft acquired Nokia recently and their Lumia 730 just looks impressive in every possible way. The Windows OS may turn off a few but apart from that the device is solidly built backed by decent performance and price. Please read my review in the link given below:-

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