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      About Us

      Wealthtech Speaks was founded in 2014 with an idea to spread knowledge about Personal Finance and Technology. The purpose of the blog is to make people realize the importance of Financial Management and help them plan better. Financial Literacy is important as it helps to manage our finances efficiently and build a secure future.

      Wealthtech Speaks also understands the importance of Technology in our day to day lives and attempts to bring to you the latest Smartphone review and Tech news. As it helps us to remain connected and explore new avenues of success.

      About the Author

      Amritesh(MBA(HR),M.Com(Fin),CS(Exe)) has around 5 years of work experience as a HR/Compliance Professional. Passion to establish something on his own which would benefit the society led him to establish Wealthtech Speaks. In future, please do check this section out for more updates and detailed info about him.